Countries of the world – educational puzzle

Countries of the world

With our application, you will be able to travel and learn a lot of new things without leaving your home! And if you are experts on countries, continents and wonders of the world, we suggest you go through an interesting game and quiz!

The World Countries application for convenient use is divided into several parts:













– countries (it is useful to look into the directory when planning travel details or just intending to pump your knowledge);












Wonders of the World

– wonders of the world (this part tells about the famous sights of the world and where to look for them);













– continents (do you know which continent the country of Cape Verde or Djibouti is on?);












The game

– game (for fans to show erudition and test themselves);













– quiz (20 questions about various countries of the world, flags, emblems and other interesting little things).










Where can I download?

The World Countries-Learning Puzzle app is available on Google Play, so you can download it by clicking on the link below.