What is the DjVu format?

About the DjVu format

DjVu is a very popular image compression technology developed for storing scanned documents-books, magazines, manuscripts, etc. – where formulas, diagrams, drawings, and handwritten characters are very present, making their full recognition extremely labor-intensive.DjVu was developed between 1996 and 2001 and represents a very good mix of all test and image formats.
This compression format is the most effective option for storing documents if there is a need to convey all the nuances of design, for example, historical documents, where the important thing is not only the content, but also the color and texture of the paper; defects in parchment: cracks, traces of folding; corrections, blotches, fingerprints; traces left by other objects, etc. DjVu format saves scanned documents in a smaller volume than scanned documents saved in PDF format. This is especially true for large e-books and textbooks, the version of which in PDF format can take up tens of megabytes, and if you convert PDF to DjVu, you get an excellent e-book with high image quality and a volume of only a few megabytes. A DjVu file is compressed to a small size, which in turn makes it convenient for transmitting and sharing over the network.

What to read?

Most often, this format is not distributed online fiction, but books containing drawings, graphs, formulas, and other things that are quite difficult to translate into digital format using text recognition programs. It stores copies of paper books, manuals, magazines, and other publications made on the scanner.

Reading programs

There are many programs for recognizing DjVu format, some are focused on working only with deja vu files, and there are universal readers where the DjVu format is read along with other formats. Next, we will look at one of the readers that specializes in reading the DjVu format on devices with the Android platform.
DjVu Reader & Viewer is the lightest and most ergonomic DjVu file reader for smartphones and tablets running on the Android operating system. Download DjVu Reader is very simple, fast and most importantly free. If you value simplicity and time, then the deja vu reader is created for your use! DjVu Reader scans documents and e-books in DjVu format quickly, you do not have to spend precious time on the process of downloading scanned images, because DjVu Reader is the most powerful reader of files and books in DjVu format. DjVu Reader supports offline mode!
DjVu Reader & Viewer Functionality:
🟣 it supports searching for files stored on the device only by folders that the user gives access to;
🟣 you can search by the file name of the DjVu format in the reader’s directory;
🟣 reading documents, e-books, and any DjVu files without an Internet connection;
🟣 view reading progress at the bottom of the screen using the scroll bar;
🟣 saving reading progress;
🟣 the ability to keep tabs on the pages of the document;
🟣 view created bookmarks, rename them, or delete them;
🟣 ability to delete a DjVu document from the list of found files directory deja vu support for external SD card;
🟣 you can send DjVu documents by email or in messengers installed on your device;
🟣 horizontal and vertical scrolling for reading a DjVu file;
🟣 easy navigation through the pages of the deja vu document.
DjVu was focused on Russian-speaking user, all menus and all navigation in the application executed in the Russian language, which makes it convenient and quick, and helps Russian users to work with this kind of tools.
With the help of DjVu document compression technology, the main popular scientific libraries were created for storing historical documents and artifacts. DjVu Reader for Android will serve as a good tool for history lovers, for whom the accuracy of transmitting the document’s texture is important.

Where to download?

The DjVu reader is available for download in Google Play via the link below:



The DjVu reader is available for download in AppGallery via the link below: