What is the DjVu format?

Djvu format

DjVu is an extremely popular image compression technology developed for storing scanned documents - books, magazines, manuscripts and more, where formulas, diagrams, drawings and handwritten characters are huge, which makes their full recognition extremely time-consuming. DjVu was developed between 1996 and 2001 and presents a very good mixture of all test and graphic formats.

This compression format is the most effective option for storing documents if there is a need to convey all the nuances of design, for example, historical documents, where not only the content, but also the color and texture of the paper is important; parchment defects: cracks, traces of folding; corrections, blots, fingerprints; traces left by other objects, etc.

Most often, in this format, not fiction is distributed on the network, but books containing drawings, graphics, formulas and other things that are quite difficult to convert to digital format using text recognition programs.