Comparison of the Binary Preferences library with standard Shared Preferences

By | 31.07.2017

Post Views: 1,967 In the Android system, key-value pairs are used to store information. With their help, you can store the values of variables, or various information that the application may need in the future. And although the SDK already has a ready interface, called SharedPreferences, which provides methods for saving and reading settings in… Read More »

Using for our own purposes

By | 06.07.2017

Post Views: 3,594 To yong users VK gives unlimited opportunities of online communication. Mature employees of special services - voluntarily and personally created the dossier on the above group of citizens. And what can it give to the programmer? Of course, the free infrastructure for its application! In conditions when there is no server, and someone… Read More »

Android 6.0 permissions in defense and attack

By | 03.07.2017

Post Views: 2,706 Every day in mobile devices reveal vulnerabilities that can be exploited by intruders. They can send SMS to a paid number, they can collect a large database of contacts and sell it, or they can compromise a particular person. Successful exploitation of a vulnerability usually involves a number of conditions. But you… Read More »