E-Reader 📗 app for Android

About the application

Applications for reading books are a modern and worthy replacement for paper books and e-readers. Any portable device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or laptop, can easily be taken anywhere in the world, which means that reading any work of world literature is just one click away. Applications for reading e-books, documents, and files in various formats have been developed for accessibility, ease, and convenience. We will tell you more about one of these programs.
E-Reader is a free reader of e-books, comics, documents and files in various formats for Android devices. We have made a fast, reliable, convenient and easy reader without linking to any services.

The size of the APK file is only 5 MB, the installation of the app will remain almost invisible to your device, and the amount of traffic used for downloading is not even significant. For reading your favorite books, business papers and the most interesting comics, E-Reader will be a great assistant, ready to bring new discoveries, knowledge and share the achievements of humanity into your life!

Supported format

The impressive number of supported formats will not leave you indifferent. The app can easily read files in the following formats: pdf, DjVu, fb2, epub, cbr, cbz, rtf, html, doc, xml, awz3, mobi. We offer a detailed review of each format from the point of view of the reader’s functionality and advantages.

The PDF format most often contains text information: documents, scanned books, booklets, and so on. This format opens up the widest possibilities for creating e-books and libraries. Now anyone can create an electronic edition of their own book and post it on the Internet.
E-Reader allows you to view the text content of a document when working with PDF files, as well as the reader will show the contents of the document with its table of contents, organize a preview of pages for easy reading of the book. When viewing a PDF, you will be able to search the text content, which sometimes makes it much easier to work with the document and saves you time. The zoom function will do its job if you need to view small text or images in one click. Convenient document navigation is provided by the developers ‘ ability to navigate to the first or last page of the document. You have a convenient format for reading by rotating the pages clockwise or counterclockwise, and selecting horizontal and vertical page scrolling will allow the app to adapt to a more convenient mode for reading and scrolling the document. As well as viewing a PDF document, you can configure it to display even and odd pages in a format that is convenient for you. If you are interested in detailed information about the file: name, size, brief description of the document, author, keywords, PDF version, number of pages in the document, the size of these pages, then the application for PDF format will easily tell you everything in one click.

DjVu-designed specifically for storing scanned documents-books, magazines, manuscripts, and so on, where the abundance of formulas, diagrams, drawings, and handwritten characters makes it extremely time-consuming to fully recognize them. It is also an effective solution if you need to convey all the nuances of design, for example, historical documents, where it is important not only the content, but also the color and texture of the paper; defects in parchment: cracks, traces of folding; corrections, blotches, fingerprints; traces left by other objects, etc.
For E-Reader, there are no impossible formats that it could not read, and such a format as DjVu, which is not quite common yet, is no exception. The reader with great speed allows you to load such let’s say not small formats and very quickly due to this load pages. You can not only view DjVu documents in the smallest detail, but also configure the reading mode (horizontal and vertical). To view multi-page files, it is convenient to use the scroll bar, and it will also help you “not get lost” on the pages of the book.

Our reader of course reads such common and not so common formats as FB2, EPUB, DOC, XML, HTML AZW3, MOBI, TXT, RTF. We will tell you a little about each of them below.

The FB2 format is designed to ensure compatibility of e-books with any devices, in other words, so that e-books can be conveniently read on all devices. The simplest format that can be read on absolutely all devices is TXT, i.e. ordinary text files, but these files do not contain any markup, which makes it difficult to read them. this is not convenient, especially if this file is a book. This is why the FB2 standard was created, which is also very easy to read on all devices, but already has markup, which makes FB2 files easy to read.

EPUB is a floating layout format, which means that the text automatically adjusts to the screen size of your smartphone or tablet – you don’t need to manually scale it. EPUB files can store not only text data, but also images, style sheets (CSS), fonts, metadata details, and content tables.

What is an RTF file? Rich Text Format from Microsoft Corporation, supported by many versions of operating systems and text editors. This format is used for typing, saving, and copying text for other operating systems. It is characterized by the content of text data only. They can be typed in any other format, but the final saving is performed in the RTF extension.

The DOC file is a document created in one of the most popular software packages for working with text documents, Microsoft Word. The DOC format can store a fairly large amount of various information, including various information about text formatting, alignment, margins, lists, paragraphs, and so on. Such format files can contain not only a text document with certain information, but also various images, tables, as well as scripts and diagrams.

XML is a standardized but extensible text markup language based on a user-friendly and easy-to-read syntax consisting of tags, attributes, and preprocessors.

The AZW3 file is an e-book created in Kindle 8 (Kf8) format. As the successor to the AZW file, it supports new features such as HTML5 and CSS3 support, as well as many other formatting features. AZW3 files often include DRM protection and are used as a download format for many Amazon books.

MOBI is one of the common e – book formats. it is a so-called container containing a certain number of files, including the text of the book, illustrations, and other information. Any element that contains a. mobi file is signed with a tag. There is integrated support for a variety of fonts and font types, as well as all sorts of covers, tables, images, titles, annotations, subheadings, quotes, and more.

All the above formats are read by the reader extremely quickly and without errors. Viewing these formats allows you to scale the text. If you are a fan of reading in the dark, feel free to go to the settings and set the night reading mode, adjust the background color or text color, light or dark is up to you! The “search by content”function will help you find the right words or phrases. Well, our constant scroll bar will take you to the page that you need right now. And the most important function required by all users, such as saving the reading progress, is of course present in our wonderful E-Reader.

We will look at the CBR and CBZ formats separately in more detail. CBR is a file format used for storing and viewing sequential images, usually comics. CBR is a compressed RAR archive with the CBR suffix. A CBZ file is a comic book created in the Comic Book Zip (CBZ) format. It saves multiple images, usually .PNG or .JPEG files, organized into pages of a comic book. CBZ files are similar to SBR files, but use compression .ZIP instead of .RAR compression.
Few readers can boast the ability to read CBR and CBZ formats. E-Reader helps you read comics and enjoy their content as easily and quickly as any of the above formats. The ability to scale small text will help you consider and read everything to the smallest detail, because it is so important not to miss small details and drawings that have a large semantic load.

Application feature

Let’s briefly review the functionality of the app-E-Reader.
So, let’s list:
🔴 quickly upload books, documents, and comics to the reader;
🔴 e-book, document, and comic book reader for FREE;
🔴 instant display of a document or book page;
🔴 saving reading progress;
🔴 search the contents of a document, book,;
🔴 customizing the interface for ergonomic reading: customizing fonts and backgrounds.
🔴 easy navigation on an ebook reader;
🔴 reading e-books without the Internet;
🔴 prompt feedback on problems that arise while using the reader.

Advantages Of E-Reader

Of course, each reader has a different functionality, but not all of them can boast of something special than what would be strikingly different from one another. We have tried to make the reader as useful, convenient and very easy as possible. One thing that e-Reader can definitely boast of is the size of the installation file – the size of the APK is only 5 MB! The combination of various libraries has allowed the reader to become one of the most powerful readers presented by app stores.
If we compare E-Reader and the most popular application-Adobe Acrobat Reader, we can say with confidence that our reader is more convenient and understandable for the implementation of its most important function – reading books and documents. We did not overload the app with a huge number of features that are very rarely, if ever, used by the average user in everyday life. You just read your favorite books or browse your business email, all in just one click! Another advantage of the reader is the fast loading of files and document pages. the reader will easily detect new and existing files on the device and offer to open them. Did we say that the reader is also free? No? Well, friends, E-Reader is absolutely free to download!

Do I need the Internet to work

E-Reader works regardless of your Internet connection – so definitely “No! No! and no!” The Internet is absolutely no longer necessary for an already installed reader to work. Read your favorite books from your device on a plane or in nature, anywhere.

Simple, convenient and intuitive interface! Everything for comfortable use! The app automatically detects books and documents. For example, it is enough to download an Fb2 book, PDF file, or CBR comic from the Internet to make them appear in the reader. Easy navigation through folders and downloads, quick access to reading settings, content, bookmarks, and other e-book parameters. It also provides automatic saving of the current reading page. Correct display of the number of pages in a book and pages in a readable Chapter.

Where can I download it?

The E-Reader app is available on Google Play, so you can download it by clicking on the link below.



The E-Reader app is available on AppGallery, so you can download it by clicking on the link below.