E-Reader 📗 app for Android


We present to your attention a program for reading electronic books, documents and comics. We made a fast, reliable, convenient reader without being tied to any services.

The application is able to easily read files in the formats: pdf, DjVu, fb2, epub, cbr, cbz, rtf, html, doc, xml, awz3, mobi.

The reader of books combined all the advantages of different readers. Opens large sized documents, horizontal or vertical paging mode. Reads all popular formats of books, magazines, articles and other documents and all this in one application.

The application automatically detects books and documents. For example, it is enough to download an Fb2 book, a PDF file or a CBR comic book from the Internet so that they appear in the reader. Convenient navigation through folders and downloads, quick access to reading settings, contents, bookmarks and other parameters of the electronic book. It also provides for automatic saving of the current reading page.













File format PDF?

The PDF format most often contains textual information: documents, scanned books, booklets and more. This format opens up tremendous opportunities in the creation of electronic books and libraries. Now anyone can create an electronic edition of his own book and post it on the Internet.

File format DjVu?

DjVu - designed specifically for storing scanned documents - books, magazines, manuscripts and more, where the abundance of formulas, diagrams, drawings and handwritten characters makes it extremely difficult to fully recognize them. It is also an effective solution if it is necessary to convey all the nuances of design, for example, historical documents, where not only the content, but also the color and texture of the paper is important; parchment defects: cracks, traces of folding; corrections, blots, fingerprints; traces left by other objects, etc.

File format FB2?

The FB2 format was created to ensure compatibility of electronic books with any devices, in other words, so that electronic books can be conveniently read on all devices. The simplest format that can be read on absolutely all devices is TXT, i.e. ordinary text files, however, these files do not contain any markup (no formatting), which makes them difficult to read, especially if this file is a book. Therefore, the FB2 standard was created, which also reads very easily on all devices, but already has markup, which makes FB2 files easy to read.

File format EPUB?

EPUB is a format with a floating layout, which means that the text automatically adjusts to the screen size of your smartphone or tablet - you do not need to manually scale it. EPUB files can store not only text data, but also images, style sheets (CSS), fonts, metadata details, and content tables.

File format CBR,CBZ?

CBR is a file format used to store and view sequential images, usually comics. CBR is a compressed RAR archive with the suffix CBR; A CBZ file is a comic book created in Comic Book Zip (CBZ) format. It saves multiple images, usually .PNG or .JPEG files organized on comic pages. CBZ files are similar to CBR files, but use .ZIP compression instead of .RAR compression.

File format RTF?

What is an RTF file? Rich Text Format, translated from English "rich text format" from Microsoft, is supported by many versions of operating systems and text editors. Using this format, they type, save and copy for other operating systems. It is characterized by the content of only text data. At the same time, they can be typed in any other format, but the final save is performed in the RTF extension.

File format DOC?

The DOC file (from the English Microsoft Word Document) is a document created in one of the most popular software systems for working with Microsoft Word text documents. The DOC format can store a fairly large amount of various information, this includes various information about text formatting, data about alignment, indentation, lists, paragraphs, and so on. Such format files can contain not only a text document with certain information, but also all kinds of images, tables, as well as scripts and charts.

File format XML?

XML is a standardized but extensible text markup language based on user-friendly and easy-to-read syntax consisting of tags, attributes and preprocessors.

File format AZW3?

The AZW3 file is an e-book created in the Kindle 8 (Kf8) format. As a successor to the AZW file, it supports new features such as HTML5 and CSS3 support, as well as many other formatting options. AZW3 files often include DRM protection and are used as a download format for many Amazon books.

File format MOBI?

A MOBI file is one of the common formats for e-books. It is a so-called container that contains a number of files, including the text of a book, illustrations, and other information. Any item that contains a .mobi file is tagged. There is integrated support for a variety of fonts and their types, as well as all kinds of covers, tables, images, headings, annotations, subtitles, quotes and much more.


Advantages of E-reader:

-fast loading of books, documents and comics into the reader;

-Reading e-books, documents and comics for FREE;

- instant display of the page of a document or book;

-saving reading progress;

-search on the contents of the document, books;

- Personalization of the interface for ergonomic reading: customization of fonts and backgrounds.

-convenient navigation on ebook reader;

-Reading e-books without the Internet;

-operative feedback on emerging issues in the process of using the reader.

- Simple, convenient and intuitive interface! All for comfortable use!

E-reader is a convenient reader of a large number of formats for you!

Where can I download?

The E-Reader application is available on Google Play, so you can download it by clicking on the link below.