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Writing E-book reader on Android using FBReader SDK

By | 09.06.2020

Nowadays, the most popular and convenient ways to read are electronic books. They can be taken with you anywhere, they save paper, the display of text in them can be customized as convenient for the human. For these reasons, many e-book formats have appeared, the main ones being EPUB, FB2 and MOBI. The well-known DOC… Read More »

Create an application signature using Google Play App Signing

By | 13.08.2017

Because the signature key is used to verify that you are the developer of the application, and to provide secure updates for your users, securing the key is very important to both you and the users. There are various ways to sign your applications. Recently, Google added a new feature to store keys: in its… Read More »

Comparison of the Binary Preferences library with standard Shared Preferences

By | 31.07.2017

In the Android system, key-value pairs are used to store information. With their help, you can store the values of variables, or various information that the application may need in the future. And although the SDK already has a ready interface, called SharedPreferences, which provides methods for saving and reading settings in the application, there… Read More »